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BiomedHealthtech pvt ltd is leading supplier of orthopedic implants since 1989 offering huge range of orthopaedic products.

• Intramedullary Nailing ( Interlocking Nails )
• Plating : DHS, DCS, DCP Plating
• Cortical Screws, C.C. Screws, Self Tapping
• Bolts, Malleolar Screws
• External Fixators
• Spine Instruments,
• Basic Instruments,
• Prosthesis : Bipolar & Total HIP
• Titanium Implants 

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HOSPICON is a healthcare planning and designing consultancy firm that offers management counseling in the areas of the general administration, planning, financial, modeling or/and remodeling, market development, equipment planning or purchase planning, protocols and policy setting in view with ISO standards and expansion plans, of secondary healthcare institutions.

Quality, value and client satisfaction are the cornerstones of our consulting philosophy. Through mutual trust and respect, HOSPICON consultants develop long-term relationship with clients rather than one-time consulting assignments. Our goal is to assist our clients in achieving their goals and objectives within the framework of strategic, financial and quality-of-care criteria, i.e. to produce maximum results in the most cost-effective manner.

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German Surgical Instruments

Tekno-Medical Germany is international functioning firm in the field of medical expertise from past 4 decades. Health is urge of our Company. The Complete product Discipline includes all instruments for the regular surgery and endoscopy, as well as for a great diversity of special disciplines. It is available in following categories:

• Autopsy
• Bone surgery
• Diagnostic, anaesthesia
• Micro and neurosurgery
• Urology
• Plastic surgery
• Gynecology

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Heine Diagnostic

heine medical diagnostic instruments


• General Medicine, ENT & VET
• Ophthalmic Instruments
• Laryngoscopes
• Dermatoscopes
• sphygmomanometers & stethoscopes
• Examination lights
• Loupes and Headlights

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ROBOT for Joint Replacement Surgeries

The broad ROBODOC Surgical System uses the tandem expertise of CUREXO Technology Corporation ORTHODOC and ROBODOC Medical Aide. Enabling pre-surgical 3D organization, ORTHODOC provides extraordinary precision in module range, placement, surface preparation and soft tissue management. Meanwhile, the ROBODOC Medical Aide implements the pre-surgical plan with unequaled accuracy.

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mri guided focused ultrasound therapy

MR guided focused ultrasound surgery is a non-invasive, outpatient procedure which uses high intensity of focused ultrasound waves to treat lesions inside the body without surgery or operation.

Focused ultrasound uses MRI pictures to guide multiple beams of acoustic energy into a concentrated hot spot deep inside the body to heat and melt away tumors or other growths like uterine fibroids, adenomyosis, bone metastases, etc.

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Remote Monitoring Technology

Remote Monitoring Technology is provided in the each PHC, CHC, and THC the mortality rate can be brought down to a larger extent.

Equipping the Ambulances with RMT will help to transfer the patient data to the concerned doctor during the transit. This helps to initiate the patient’s treatment before he reaches the hospital; the hospital can be put on alert and would be ready to impart immediate treatment.

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